The Top 5 Favorable Dishes in Hue

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When it comes to Hue cuisines, it would be about its sweetness & spiciness in flavor from fresh herbs such as lemongrass, basil, red chilies, and mint mixed with the exquisite taste of ferment fish sauce. Together, such combinations create plenty of unforgettable taste to anyone has had the opportunity to give them a try. 

Top 5 Favorable Dishes in Hue

For anyone who has strode around Hue for the holiday, the very first impression would be the great variety of sweetness from over 30 kinds of sweet soups that can easily be found at any corners of the street. Still, apart from the fleshiness of the beans & corns, combined with the fattiness of coconut juice, there are still plenty of dishes that are waiting for your taste. 

When it comes to visiting Vietnam, it means you should never miss the local cuisines. Let’s check it out with Fayfay, for your 5 most favorable Hue cuisines that should be included in your must-try list in your Vietnam trip.

1. Bun Bo Hue (Hue-style beef vermicelli soup)

Bun Bo Hue, literally means Hue-style beef vermicelli soup, is a regional speciality comprising thick rice vermicelli and various toppings, filled with thick soup. The taste is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy as enhanced with boiled bones and shank, annatto seeds, lemongrass, ginger, fermented shrimp paste, chilli oil, and sugar. If the flavor is not bold enough for you, try adding up the spiciness by slicing some fresh chillies and fermented fish sauce to your bun bo hue. 

2. Com Hen (Tiny Mussel Rice)

A bowl of com hen (Tiny mussel rice) is made up of rice topped with tiny mussels, crispy pork skins, roasted peanuts, shrimp paste, and fresh greens. Commonly eaten as a filling breakfast, the clams are stir-fried with chopped garlic, onion, fish sauce, pepper, and mint leaves before they’re poured over a plate of steamed jasmine rice. In some restaurants, com hen is often accompanied with a bowl of clam broth as well as a platter of coriander leaves, shredded banana blossoms and bean sprouts. You can add it, or just give it back to the waiter in case you want for a full taste of authenticity from broth to flesh. 

3. Banh Beo (Steamed Rice Cakes)

Known in English as steamed rice cakes, banh beo  are topped with dried shrimp, deep-fried pork rind, shallots, rice vinegar, and fresh herbs. Accompanied with a side of nuoc mam (fermented fish) dipping sauce and red chillies, there are two variations of this local delicacy – banh beo chen is prepared in a coin-sized ceramic saucer. You can choose to have the small-size for a quick supper, or you try for a bigger size in case trying to fill up your stomach in the early morning. 

4. Banh Canh Nam Pho (Nam Pho Thick Noodle Soup)

Not popular and widely sold as beef vermicelli or tiny mussel rice, yet Nam Pho crab thick noodle soup (Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue) is still preferred by many tourists, so it attracts a lot of tourists to come and enjoy it whenever they have a chance to visit the former Citadel. No bar, no fame, Nam Pho thick noodle is sold in small diners and mobile stalls on the sidewalk or in small alleys in every evening.

5. Banh Khoai (Khoai Crepe)

Sitting huddle in a teahouse on the sidewalk, enjoying the cold of Hue, and looking at a plate of hot and golden fried Khoai cake, you will feel really hungry and want to eat this dish right away. In fact, “khoai cake” is a wonderful food to eat in Hue that tourists should never miss when they have a chance to come and visit this place.

Some people might get confused between this cake with its Southern relatives, Banh xeo. However, “khoai cake” is smaller, thicker, and crispier than a sizzling pancake. This difference is due to the stage of powder mixing with an “exclusive” recipe, the level of fire when frying the cake bread, and the way to make a dipping sauce of each restaurant.

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